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Stuck in Decision Paralysis? Get Peace of Mind in No Time! with Paula Hannasch

December 28, 2023 María Tomás-Keegan Season 7 Episode 12
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
Stuck in Decision Paralysis? Get Peace of Mind in No Time! with Paula Hannasch
Show Notes

Welcome to our insightful episode featuring the remarkable Paula Hannasch. We’re digging deep under decision-making.

Paula is a Certified Life and Business Coach with a wealth of experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. Paula dedicates herself to serving women looking for change. They are at a crossroads in life or work with a well-defined sense of purpose, direction, and focus. Paula is skilled at turning core Spiritual concepts into practical, everyday strategies, making her a perfect match for those who value inner peace and real-world success.

In this episode, Paula shares her unique approach, focusing on how she assists her clients in achieving fast results and manifesting peace of mind during decision-making processes. As a sought-after coach, her joy comes from guiding clients to discover and embrace their version of success.

Key Insights You Can Expect:

Peace of Mind in Real Time:
Paula elaborates on her philosophy of helping women find peace of mind quickly and how this concept evolved from her own experiences.

The Challenge with Decision-Making: We discuss why many people struggle with decision-making and the underlying reasons for this discomfort.

Bridging the Gap to Peace of Mind: Paula provides insights on transitioning from decision paralysis to peace and certainty.

The Power of the Heart: Understanding the importance of ‘dropping into your heart’ and how this emotional connection is crucial in decision-making.

Paula’s approach is not just about making decisions; it’s about transforming the way we think and feel about the choices we make in our professional and personal lives.

Tune in for an enlightening conversation with Paula Hannasch and discover how to overcome decision paralysis and embrace a peaceful, successful life.

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