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Undoing the Doing in a Do Crazy World with Renée Dineen

October 12, 2022 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 197
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
Undoing the Doing in a Do Crazy World with Renée Dineen
Show Notes

Are you a doer? Or a workaholic? Do you feel guilty when you’re not busy accomplishing something? My guest calls herself an action addict, yet she now embraces an idea called authentic inaction. 

In today’s episode, you may discover what kind of doer you might be and where the obsession with being in constant action can lead.

Renée Dineen has her Master’s in Organizational Psychology and is an international thought leader playing at the intersection of business, leadership, psychology, and well-being.

Before launching her coaching & consulting practice, Renée spent over 20 years in global senior leadership roles in the high-tech and biotech industries. And she dedicates her career to exploring human nature to understand how we can live with greater purpose, joy, and grace.

Renée has presented on dozens of global stages, been the guest on numerous podcasts, and featured in high-profile media publications such as Fortune, Financial Times, Elephant Journal, and Ladders Career Magazine.

In February 2020, Renée took her story to the TEDx stage. In her talk titled Authentic Inaction: Undoing the Doing in a Do Crazy World, she shares her trials and tribulations as a “doing addict” and workaholic. Her message has reached over 600K views and supports her mission to revolutionize how we work, play & relate to one another and our purpose.

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