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Make The Shift & Spark the Change! with Serena Sabala

September 14, 2022 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 193
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
Make The Shift & Spark the Change! with Serena Sabala
Show Notes

We frequently talk about self-care on this show because busy professional women like us need to hear about it, sometimes more than once, and get different perspectives and approaches. Change can be terrifying, but there are moments in our lives where change is exactly what we need.

We’re all different. Our situations are different. And what changes work for me may not work for you. 

But it’s essential to find what works, so we can show up every day at our best for our families and be inspired leaders who create a ripple effect of positive change for our organizations and communities. 

Does that sound like a tall order? Maybe not.

That’s why I asked Serena Sabala to join us and speak a bit about change.

Serena is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher, and Fitness Trainer who has studied wellness and nutrition for over a decade and has a unique, holistic approach to health and lifestyle changes. 

She is the author of the highly rated book “Make The Shift - A Proven Method for Busy Professionals to Transform their Health, Wellbeing, and Confidence.”

Open your mind, embrace change, and listen to Serena’s approach to health & well-being.

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Co-Founder | Whole Shift Wellness




Serena’s Gift: Scoreapp is a gift for our listeners: a tool to score your current level of health and well-being by taking 5 minutes to answer simple questions, then get tips on how to take it to the next level. 



Certified Career & Life Coach | Transition Expert

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