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Has Early Trauma Influenced Your Career Choices? with Staci Backauskas

August 17, 2022 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 189
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
Has Early Trauma Influenced Your Career Choices? with Staci Backauskas
Show Notes

Have you ever wondered why some patterns in your life or career seem to repeat themselves? We often see this happening in relationships, where we seem to be attracted to the same kind of people over and over, and we’re not happy in those relationships. 

Well, it can happen in your career, too. You might accept job offers from companies that tolerate bad behavior and repeatedly get stuck in the middle of it. You’re not happy and wondering who or what’s to blame.

I often see this repeating pattern in my work with clients, and my next guest will help us understand why it might happen. 

Stacy Backauskas, known as Staci B, is an educator, author, and specialist helping people recognize how early trauma might influence their career choices. Staci spent more than 20 years in corporate and has published eight books. She’s a super smart, highly sensitive, creative woman with a touch of trauma in her life. She is a caregiver, stand-up comedian, actress, poet, visual artist, and a fabulous cook.

I love what she says. She’s here to share practical ways to live your destiny, not your fate.

And in this episode, we’ll address the question, Has Early Trauma Influenced Your Career Choices?

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