Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap

Create the Career You Deserve with Katrina McGhee

June 22, 2022 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 181
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
Create the Career You Deserve with Katrina McGhee
Show Notes

Are you feeling stuck in your career and unsure about your career vision? Do you need to take a step back and reevaluate your direction?

In this episode, we’re joined by Katrina McGhee, a Career Break and Sabbatical Coach who helps mid-career women design bold and transformational life breaks to create happier and more fulfilling lives. With an MBA and years of experience in life coaching, Katrina shares her expertise on how to transition and thrive in your career.

Through carefully orchestrated leaves, Katrina’s clients return feeling recharged, inspired, and forever changed. They gain a new perspective and are able to realign with their career vision, finding happiness and fulfillment in their work.

Join us as we explore Katrina’s story of taking a significant career break, how she prepared for it, and what happened for her after she returned. You don’t want to miss her valuable advice on career breaks, money management, and travel.

Listen in and discover how to create a more fulfilling and meaningful career by reevaluating your career vision and taking bold action.

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