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Remaining Relevant in Your Career with Anke Menzler

May 25, 2022 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 178
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
Remaining Relevant in Your Career with Anke Menzler
Show Notes

My guest is a colleague who feels like a soul-sister because she is also a career coach for women. Our philosophies and missions align closely, so we have had many deep and meaningful conversations already, I’ve been honored to be a guest speaker at her career summits, and now you get to meet her.

Anke Menzler comes to us from Marbach, Germany, and coaches driven, purposeful women who want to make a difference in their chosen professions. Her clients are ambitious, heart-centered, and soul-driven and want a career that contributes to a life full of passion, joy, and abundance. She guides women to discover their talents, communicate effectively, and strengthen their confidence to design their careers accordingly.

Not only does Anke coach privately, but she also advises organizations on managing change cycles by reducing complexity and uncertainty for their teams. In addition, she helps them implement agile methodologies to elevate performance and encourage value-based collaboration. 

Anke brings her deep and broad experience to help companies and women create extraordinary and passionate success while making a difference. She is certified in Systemic, Agile, and Cultural Communication Coaching, is a Project Management and SCRUM Master, with 20 years as a Sales Leader in global Tech companies.

Did I mention that she brings broad and deep expertise to our podcast? And in this episode, we talk about staying relevant in your career.

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