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Dream Bigger from Common Ground with Nisha Anand

May 04, 2022 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 175
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
Dream Bigger from Common Ground with Nisha Anand
Show Notes

In this episode, we explore the theme of inclusivity with Nisha Anand, a national leader for social and racial justice. Nisha shares her personal journey of feeling like a misfit and how it inspired her to become radically inclusive. She has become known for cultivating unlikely partnerships and pushing change-makers to design more inclusive movements.

As Dream Corps’ CEO, Nisha guides a team of experts working at the intersections of criminal justice reform, green economics, and tech equity to create a better future for all. She encourages us to dream bigger, find common ground, and experiment at scale.

In a time of increasing divisiveness, Nisha's vision for inclusivity is more important than ever. Listen to this episode for personal and professional encouragement on how we can all be more inclusive and create change together.

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