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From Overwhelmed to Owning It! with Duquesa Dean

February 09, 2022 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 163
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
From Overwhelmed to Owning It! with Duquesa Dean
Show Notes

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed and don’t know who you are anymore? Then, things happen; they pile up so much that you feel you’ve lost control. And, you might not even recognize the woman looking back in the mirror. Where did that confident woman go? 

And how do you get out of that exhausting rut? 

This episode discusses what it takes to move beyond this overwhelmed state and step back into your power. 

My guest is Duquesa Dean, a Corporate Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Self-Development Mentor.   

She is CEO of her own company in the Bahamas that provides corporate training, team building, and small business start-up consultancy. She helps businesses increase workforce engagement, employee productivity, and profits. 

Duquesa also has a personal story of thriving against the odds. After a near-death experience and devastating hardships, abusive relationships, and listening to everyone but herself, she learned first-hand how to evolve, become her own woman, and live her life authentically.

And, she’s turned her experience into helping women achieve their goals by boldly claiming their purpose and living a fulfilling life. Her wisdom is worth its weight in gold.


Author, Speaker, Trainer & Coach



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